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8 Apr 2017

Facebook adds new Estimated Daily Results report, upgrades Delivery Insights


New enhancements make it easier to estimate Facebook Ad results and find more data on how you are reaching specific audiences.

One of the issues plaguing Facebook Ads’ system over the years has been the struggle associated with mining data and insight from the platform. Facebook has continued to enhance their system, launching an all-new Estimated Daily Results, along with upgrades to Delivery Insights. The changes not only aid in planning, but also shed light on Auction Metrics including overlapping audiences and frequency issues.

The major addition in the upgrade is a smart estimating tool called Estimated Daily Results. This can be found within Ad Sets and gives advertisers estimated daily results across a slew of metrics: conversions, video views, bid amounts and more. Advertisers will be able to estimate ad sets in two formats: a budget curve and a slider bar. Similar to AdWords Keyword Planner tool, the slider will allow for input changes that will modify expected results, while the budget curve will update during the editing of a specific ad set.

This tool will be quite beneficial for advertisers, as planning for reach and conversions has long been a challenge for Facebook Ads users.

The other major change is the Delivery Insights dashboard upgrade. The new metrics will show auction overlap across audiences and how they may affect your spend. Another enhancement is an Audience Saturation metric to show just how your frequency is impacting your campaigns and overall cost per result.

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