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26 Apr 2017

Twitter’s total revenue shrinks for the first time as ad revenue decline steepens


Revenue, audience size, ad engagements versus prices: the numbers to know from Twitter’s latest earnings report.

Twitter released its first quarter earnings results on Wednesday morning. Here’s a quick rundown of how the social network’s business is doing. TL;DR version: Twitter’s audience size problem has faded, but its money problems have grown.

Twitter’s total revenue is no longer growing

Twitter’s old money problem was that it had never turned a profit. Then its ad revenue started to shrink. Now its total revenue is shrinking too, and Twitter has three money problems. In Q1 2017, Twitter’s total revenue shrank for the first time, dropping by 8 percent year over year to $548.3 million. And its ad revenue shrank for the second straight quarter but at a steeper clip, dropping by 11 percent year over year to $473.8 million. And yes, the company recorded another net loss, this time of $61.6 million.

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