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4 May 2017

The industry where women are guaranteed to earn more than their male counterparts


There is one industry where women are almost guaranteed to earn more than men.

While most women in full-time employment will have to wait until 2041 for the gender pay gap to close, those who work as social media influencers are raking in more than their male counterparts.

New research shows that women who use their social media profiles as marketing channels ear 35% more than men who do the same.

Youtubers and lifestyle bloggers such as Zoella or Tanya Burr have proved time and time again that being a successful influencer is a highly lucrative occupation.

Most influencers make money via sponsored posts, often on beauty products such as teeth whiteners or weight loss products like diet teas.

Female influencers with around 100,000 followers can earn as much as £41,600 with just sponsored posts a week.

While male influencers who do the same are likely to earn around £31,200.

Ben Jeffries, CEO and Founder of Influencer who conducted the research, told ‘Female influencers earn more than their male counterparts because ultimately they are in higher demand – it’s as simple as that.

‘Brands approach Influencer because they want to increase awareness of their products or services, and to do this they need an influencer who is going to drive a high engagement rate, and women are more likely to do this.

He added: ‘Women make up around 85% of all consumer purchases, so brands want to use female influencers to appeal to these women. With increased popularity, comes the increase in frequency of work and the leverage to increase fees.

‘To ensure this industry stays regulated, platforms, such as Influencer, exist so that brands are paired with the most appropriate social star, after all there are more variables to consider than just gender, and the right level of fee is negotiated.’

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