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9 May 2017

Minds is going public!


Over the last few years, Minds has emerged from the grassroots of alternative media and activism to become a top open source competitor to Facebook, Twitter and Google. How did this happen?

The first milestone was clearly understanding who we are. We are Minds. Our name resonates with the global community because it represents everyone. We are not the typical tech startup because we have an underlying philosophy of freedom.

The next step was delivering the core platform and software that could actually scale and be a viable competitor, functionally. This took years of effort and what I can only describe as pure madness in the laboratory. It was the most challenging time of my life and I imagine the same can be said for others on the team. Now, we have finally landed on a stack that can handle the masses, and we’ve proven it with repeated viral migration events and millions of people on the app. There’s still a long way to go, but we have something that people love now.

We do things differently from how status-quo networks operate. They want to dominate and data-mine you. We want to liberate. They keep their code secret, we share it with everyone. They spy on you, we engineer encryption everywhere. They restrict reach and speech with annoying algorithms, we amplify it with rewards. They offer limited tools to make money, our mission is to help everyone earn a living doing what they love.

Ultimately, we think the next major social network will actually be a decentralized network of networks, not “one ring to rule them all.” The free nature of our app means that anyone can build their own app based on Minds, and since we all share our code with each other, it creates a self-propelling movement. These apps can all optionally interconnect, thus creating an unstoppable, distributed force. and are powerful destinations that people want to be a part of because they feel they are capable of reaching the top. The company is a literal manifestation of the people’s contributions to the network, and now we are taking this principle to the next level by opening up ownership to the world.

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