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Creative Network-Marketing Research Initiative
15 May 2017

Influencer marketing: How much do celebrities earn for social media posts?


As more brands flock to celebrities and YouTube stars to promote their products on social media, just how much do these influencers earn? New research uncovers some key data.

A new tool designed by Swedish personal loan company Advisa, lets users calculate the amount of money you could make from your social media platforms.

Simply enter the number of followers and friends you have across Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and the tool will correlate the data with findings from social analytics company, Stashmetrics.

Using the tool, Advia calculated that Instagram followers are 3.5 times more powerful than Twitter followers.

The study revealed that the average Instagram user could earn over £20,000 a year if they had the same advertising opportunities as celebrities. While food and fitness bloggers have the chance to make over 100,000 a year with just two posts a week.

Kim Kardashian, famed for her social media candidness, has nearly 224 million followers across Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

These combined could earn her an estimated £360, 591, 583 a year.

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