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20 Dec 2017

Recommended Tutorials for Business and Marketing Strategies for 2017


Updated 2017 list of recommended video tutorials that cover business start-up development and marketing fundamentals.


Affiliate Marketing

Auto Affiliate Funnel – Charles Kirkland
The Authority Site System 2017 – Gael Breton, Perrin Carrell
Affiliate Marketing Alchemy: Affiliate Business Blueprint – Eric Weiss
Mobile CPA Boot Camp – Brent Dunn
Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals – Geno Prussakov


Blogging Skills

Smart Blogger – The Writer’s Recipe Box – Jon Morrow
Content Marketing – Blogs – Dayna Rothman
Blog Traffic Blueprint – Jon Morrow
Blog Traffic Tactics: Create A Huge Following In 9 Steps – Daniel Boehm


Business Marketing Development

Marketing Roadmap – Pam Hendrickson
Secrets to Business Growth – Andy Edwards
Modern PR — How To Get Press Coverage For Your Business – Brad Merrill
Creating a Business Plan – Mike Figliuolo
Top 5 Tips for Marketing Your Product Internationally – Doug Ladd
Marketing Step-by-Step – Eben Pagan
Small Business Marketing Fundamentals – Brad Batesole
Marketing and Selling Your Own Products and Services – Jason Alba
Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan – Matt Bailey
The Science of Sales – Jeff Bloomfield
Quora For Business – Mike Pitt
Create A Marketing Plan For Your Business in Hours or Less – Elena MacGregor, CDG
Finding an Unlimited Amount of Investors – Kelvin Mah
How To Get Your Business In The Press – Brian Dale
Marketing Planning for Solopreneurs – Lisa B. Cain, Ph.D.
Small Business Marketing Plan – William U. Peña, MBA
Promote Your Business and Earn More Sales By Mastering Yelp – Steve Phillips
How I get customers: The Complete Local Marketing Course – Jerry Peloquin
Local Marketing Blue Print – Jeremy Shoemaker
Fundamentals of Marketing Management – Global Finance School
Prezi Essential Training – Garrick Chow
Mastering Prezi for Business Presentations – Russell Anderson-Williams
Fundamentals of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy – Andre Kasberger
Online Marketing Plan How to Get More Online Leads and Sales – John Colley
Marketing: Fundamental Skills in hour – Weverton Gonçalves
Social Employees – The New Marketing Channel – Mark and Cheryl Burgess
Writing a Marketing Plan – Drew Boyd
The Publicity MasterClass – Andrew O´Brien
Marketing Inc V3 – Glen Allsop
The E5 Camp Masterclass – Todd Brown
Agile Marketing Foundations – Chris DallaVilla
The Agency Playbook 2017 – Jason Swenk


Business Skills

Starting a Business: Plans & Partnership Agreements – Kurt Bihelek
The Climb: 6 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand – Dwayne K. Sutton
Innovative Customer Service Techniques – Jeff Toister
Marketing Mindsets: Think & Succeed like a Pro-Marketer – Basim Salim
Working Remotely – Todd Dewett
Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques – Chris Croft
Entrepreneurship: Building Successful Business Partnerships! – Boomy Tokan
Gmail Essential Training – Jess Stratton
Using Skype for Business – Heather Fitzpatrick
Entrepreneurship Fundamentals – Whitney Johnson
Business Plan: For Startup & Small Business Success Today! – Boomy Tokan
How to Improve Your Business with Better Customer Service – Kenneth Underhill
How To Negotiate Effectively – The Learning Monk
7 Steps to Business Enlightenment – Jane Crofts
Virtual Apprenticeship Experience – Todd Brown


Content Marketing

Writing User Stories – Ryan Harper
The StoryBrand Online Marketing Workshop – Donald Miller
Copy Slacker – Ben Settle
Content Marketing School – Cody Lister
Content Marketing and the Art of Storytelling – C.C. Chapman
Content Marketing: Photos – C.C. Chapman
Sales Copy That Sells, Copywriting Made Easy – Shane Farrell
Viral Marketing – Crafting Shareable Content – Jonah Berger, PhD
Content Marketing: Slides – Dayna Rothman
Content Marketing: Newsletters – C.C. Chapman
Writing-Marketing-Copy – Ian Lurie
Content Marketing: Podcasts and Audio – C.C. Chapman
Writing Headlines – Starshine Roshell
Data Visualization Storytelling Essentials – Bill Shander
Content Marketing Strategy: Getting Prospects to Buy – Roderick Low
Writing User Stories – Ryan Harper
The Business Of Copywriting – Dan Kennedy
Copywriting Academy – Anik Singal


Customer Skills

Innovative Customer Service Techniques – Jeff Toister
Effective Phone Skills – Jason Alba
Social Skills: How To Influence People & Gain Influence – Alain Wolf
Sales Strategies to Follow Up and Reconnect – Bob Marx
Repairing Your Business Reputation – Lida Citroën
Managing Customer Comments – Martin Shervington
How to Manage Customer Expectations – Jeff Toister
Quick Fixes for Poor Customer Service – Jeff Toister
Managing Online Customer Reviews – Martin Shervington
How to Serve Customers Using Social Media – Jeff Toister
Online Reviews Secrets – Tom Kenemore


Digital Marketing

Database Marketing Foundations – Adriaan Brits
Digital Strategy Formulation: Become a Strategy Consultant – buildthepipe Co.
Online Marketing Classroom – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
How To Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency – John Shea
Internet Marketing, Intro Intro to E-Marketing –
Getting Digital Marketing Right – David Bradly
Marketing Tips – Justin Seeley
Building Your Marketing Technology Stack – Dave Booth
Online Marketing Fundamentals – Brad Batesole
Quick & Dirty Marketing Secrets – Get Insane Website Traffic – Uday Byri
Internet Marketing Fundamentals – Step by Step – Jerome Marquez
Marketing Fundamentals – Drew Boyd
Marketing Research Fundamentals – Cheryl Ladd
The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017 – Daragh Walsh


Email Marketing

Email Marketing: How to make more sales with email marketing – August Sutan
Email Marketing: Get 80,000+ Traffic & Build Huge Email List – Faisal Rehman
Cold Emailing – How To Turn Every Response Into Business – Peter O’Donoghue
Direct Mail Strategy – Trish Witkowski
Writing Email Effectively – The Learning Monk
Email Marketing Basics: A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide – Sorin Constantin
Email Marketing – Get Response Training – Vladimir Raykov
5 Of The Best Email Marketing Techniques You’ve Ever Seen – Pat Robinson
Email Sales Prospecting – With The High Value Email – Bob Marx
Email List Building 0 How to Start a Mailing List – Zac Johnson
Learning Mailchimp – Virginia O’Conner
Email Alchemy Elite  – Daniel Levis
Cold Email Masters – Mike Hardenbrook
Gmail Advanced Tips and Tricks – Jess Stratton
Email Marketing: Build A Huge List Of Engaged Subscribers! – James McAllister
5 Cool Ways To Interact With Your Email Subscribers – Mike DeVincent
Crack Cold Emailing to Increase Sales and Grow Your Business – Scott Britton
How to Create Successful Email Marketing Campaigns – Entrepreneur ِAcademy
Selling by Email – Build Your Business, Close the Deal – Bob Marx
The Complete Beginners Guide To Building An Email List – IMSource Academy
Email Marketing Domination: Write Emails That Convert – Matt Schmidt
Small Business Lead Generation – Cold Email Tactics – Scott Britton


Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing: Advanced Advertising – August Update 2017 – Megan Adams
Facebook Ads Success Blueprint – Kim Garst
The 1000 Lead Challenge+FB Messenger Ads – Ben Adkins
Fan Page Domination – Anthony Morisson
Facebook Marketing: Advertising – July 2017 Update – Megan Adams
Mining The Social Web – Facebook – Mikhail Klassen
Facebook Ads Course – Mark Hager
How to Create Bot-Powered Facebook Ads – Dave Williams
Facebook Marketing: Use Lead Ads To Get 1000’s Of Customers – The Startup Central Inc.
Facebook Marketing for Coaches: High Ticket Clients – Dr. Karen Gurney
HTML Structured Data: Facebook Open Graph – James Williamson
How To Use Facebook Messenger Bots For Lead Generation – John Shea
Facebook Marketing: Advanced Targeting Strategies – Patrick Dermak & Sandor Kiss
Facebook Retargeting: Learn Top Strategies for More Profits! – Oliver Goodwin
Facebook Marketing: Reveal The Power of Promoted Posts – Patrick Dermak & Sandor Kiss
Facebook Marketing For Beginners – James Bruce
Facebook Marketing: How To Build A List With Lead Ads – Patrick Dermak & Sandor Kiss
Facebook Advertising Fundamentals – Megan Adams
Facebook for Business – Justin Seeley
Facebook Advertising Fundamentals – Brad Batesole
Facebook Marketing: A Step-by-Step to Your First 1000 Fans! – Benjamin Wilson
The Facebook Pixel – Conversions, Traffic and More – Jon Loomer
Facebook Ads Mastery – Jonathan Dane
Facebook Master Class – iStack Training
Facebook Mastery Live – iStack Training


Google+ & Analytics

Google AdWords Essential Training 2017 Update – Brad Batesole
Google Analytics: Spam Proofing – Patrick Rauland
Marketing Analytics: Presenting Digital Marketing Data – Adriaan Brits
Google Analytics Essential Training 2017 – Brad Batesole
Google AdWords Essential Training – Brad Batesole
Google Analytics Essential Training – Brad Batesole
Advanced Google Analytics – Corey Koberg
Intermediate Google AdWords – Martin Shervington
Learn Google Adsense – The Basics – Anson Alexander
Google Plus for Business – Anson Alexander
Advanced Google Analytics 2017 – Adriaan Brits


Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Academy – Dan Dasilva
LinkedIn Blueprint: Become An Influencer – Dragos Stefanescu


Instagram Marketing

Instagram for Business – Marketing to Your Targeted Audience – Aaron Ward
Instagram – Gain Active Followers – CJ Marketing GbR
Instagram Marketing for Startups and Entrepreneurs – Sarah Davidson
How to Build an Audience in Instagram – Scott Kelby
Instagram Bootcamp – Justin Cener
Instagram for Business – Anson Alexander
Learn Instagram – The Basics – Garrick Chow
Insta Pro Academy – Jason Stone

Lead Generation

Salesforce Workflows: Leads – Ian Moore
Quick and Easy Lead Magnets: Learn Eight Proven Lead Magnets – Phil Spilsbury & Ron Perkins
Online Marketing Plan How to Get More Online Leads and Sales – John Colley
Lead Generation and Sales Optimization – Ali Mirza


LinkedIn Marketing

Mining the Social Web – LinkedIn – Matthew Russell
Up and Running with LinkedIn Lead Accelerator – Brad Batesole
LinkedIn for Business – Viveka von Rosen
LinkedIn Strategies for Career Success – Cloris Kylie
LinkedIn Lead Generation Masterclass – Chris Perks and Charlie Hutton
Up and Running with LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Brad Batesole
Learn LinkedIn Sales Navigator: The Basics – Nick Brazzi
Up and Running with LinkedIn Sponsored Content – Brad Batesole
Writing To Be Heard On Linkedin – Daniel Roth
LinkedIn Marketing Tutorial – iMarketer Training
LinkedIn Essentials – Get an Awesome Profile – Josh Gwin, MBA


Pinterest Marketing

Marketing on Pinterest – Megan Adams
Pinterest for Business – Cynthia Sanchez

PPC Marketing

Introduction to PPC with Google AdWords and Bing Ads – Adriaan Brits



Leveraging HootSuite For Social Media Productivity & Success – Marc Guberti
Excel for Marketers – Michael Taylor
Mining the Social Web – Web Pages – Mikhail Klassen
Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan – Matt Bailey
The.Data.Science.of.Retail.Sales.and.Commerce – Barton Poulson


Sales Funnel Marketing

Create a Internet Marketing Sales Funnel in Day – Lucius Kern



SEO for Webmasters Thinking SEO – Laurence Svekis
Youtube SEO – Dominate YouTube Search Results Today – Robin Haney
Do It Yourself Local SEO For The Small Business Owner – John Shea
Analyzing Your Website to Improve SEO – Peter Kent
SEO Course for Intermediates – Simion Alexandru
5 Most Important Google Ranking Factors – Usman Awan
Learning SEO Tools – Brad Batesole
How I Hit # on Google: The 2017 Complete SEO Course – Matt Jensen
Local SEO – Brad Batesole
Seo That Works .0 – Brian Dean
Outside in Search Marketing LiveLessons – James Mathewson
SEO: Videos – Ian Lurie
IBM Press Search Engine Marketing – Mike Moran and Bill Hunt
Near Me Domination – Angel Cruz
Clickminded SEO Training Course – Tommy Griffith
Scientific Rankings – Daryl Rosser
SEO Link Building in Depth 2017 – Peter Kent
Advanced SEO: Developing an SEO-Friendly Website – Brad Batesole
Keyword Strategy – Matt Bailey
Youtube SEO : Learn How I Rank My YouTube Videos on st Page – David Gabriele
Borrowed Authority Method – Derek Pierce
How To Dominate The Search Engines – Gotch SEO Academy
ConversionXL – SEO; PPC That Converts – Dan Shure & Johnathan Dane
Authority Hacker Pro Platinum – Gael Breton and Mark Webster

Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat Marketing For Business: Quick Start Guide – Eddie Makes
Snapchat Marketing: Attract New Customers & Grow Your Brand! – Benjamin Wilson


Social Media Legalities

Rights of Publicity A Deeper Dive – Dana Robinson
Podcasting: Business and Law – Rich Stim
Social Media and Privacy for Employers – Comply Socially
Drafting Social Media Policies – Comply Socially

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Small Business – Martin Waxman
Social Media Marketing – Digital Marketing Masterclass 2017 – Mark Timberlake
Social Media for Graphic Designers – Von Glitschka
Social Media Marketing Agency – Tai Lopez
Social Media Marketing for Your Startup – Doru Catana
How to Rock Social Media – Guy Kawasaki
StumbleUpon Marketing Mastery for Business – MindBoost Academy
Social Media for Nonprofits – Olivia Uribe-Mutal
Social Media Marketing For Startups – Ali Mirza
Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business Owners – Matt Bernstein
Hashtags Marketing: Increase Your Lead Generation & Sales – Ali Mirza
Personal Branding on Social Media – Karen Leland
Social Media Marketing for Business, Startups & Specialists – Infolia Business Academy
A Basic Understanding Of Hashtags – Steve Phillips
Social Media Marketing for Total Beginners – Eduonix Learning Solutions
Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter – 2017 Update – Brad Batesole

Specialty Business Marketing

International Marketing Fundamentals – Doug Ladd
Music business: marketing for musicians or bands – Alex Genadinik


Marketing Summits

Pixel Mastery Live Frankfurt, Germany – Bartke, Hutchinson
Summit 2017 Barcelona – Matt Clark
Content and Commerce Summit 2017 – Ryan Deiss
Growth Hacking Secrets for 2017 Summit – Neil Patel
Instagram Success Summit 2017 – Liam Austin
Traffic & Conversion Summit 2017 – DigitalMarketer
Pixel Mastery Live Los Angeles 2017
Matt & Jason – The 2017 Amazing Seller Summit
Content and Commerce Summit 2017
Growth Hacking Secrets for 2017 – Neil Patel

Twitter Marketing

Mining the Social Web – Twitter – Mikhail Klassen
Twitter for Business 2017 – Brad Batesole
Twitter SEO Academy – Semantic Mastery
Twitter Ads For Business Agencies and Entrepreneurs – Chris Perks and Charlie Hutton
Twitter Ads and Twitter Marketing – MindBoost Academy
Twitter Essential Training – Jess Stratton


Various Marketing Strategies & Sciences

Strategies for Emerging Markets – Anil Gupta and Haiyan Wang
Blab – 7 Top Blab Show Formats For More Sales – Dave Ispino
Mining the Social Web – Mailboxes – Mikhail Klassen
Mining the Social Web – Google+ – Mikhail Klassen
Marketing Foundations: Integrated Marketing Strategies – Mark Burgess
Machine Learning – Twitter Sentiment Analysis in Python – Janani Ravi
The Data Science of Retail, Sales, and Commerce – Barton Poulson

Video Marketing

Video Xtreme – – Neil Napier, Justin Sardi
Learning Digital Media Principles – Maxim Jago
Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube – Anson Alexander
Video Marketing Mastery – Justin Sardi
Video Ads Crash Course – Justin Sardi
Video Marketing: The Power of Simple Burst Video Marketing – Marmouane Bembli
Video Sales Intelligence: Sell More with Video Sales Letters – Basim Salim
YouTube Traffic Tutorial – JC Bougle
How To Create a Marketing Video For Your Business or Product – Matt Jensen and Max Stryker
YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide to YouTube – Phil Ebiner
YouTube Projects for Business and Marketing – Jason Osder
Build and Customize a YouTube Channel – Runar Sigurdsson
YouTube Video Marketing Techniques – Laurence Svekis
Introduction to Video Dialogue Editing – Ashley Kennedy
Video Marketing Hacking: How to Fire Up Your Online Presence – Sorin Constantin
Youtube: Marketing and Promotion For Small Businesses Online – Robin Haney
Tubafy Masters – Barry and Roger