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21 Dec 2017

The Top 10 Best Websites for Free Images for Your Blog or Social Media Platform


Irrespective of your blog or preferred social media platform, there will be a time when you want to include an image. Most individuals do not want to actually pay for the rights to use a copyrighted photo. Instead, there are many image websites out there offering free photographs for your blog, website, or social media platform. Here is a collection of the ten best images sites that are copyright-free, and can be edited according to your needs :

1. Wikimedia has over 21 million free usage media files:

2. Creative Commons offers a search site for free third-party image sources:

3. Unsplash offers photos in several categories, ranging from animals to landscapes to product images, all of them at high-resolution:

4. Pixabay allows you to use its images in any manner, even commercially:

5. Stockvault presents many images in a huge variety of categories:

6. Ancestry Images specializes in free historical maps and prints:

7. BigFoto is organized by geographical area and mainly sourced from amateur photographers:

8. Gratisography offers many interesting high-resolution photos:

9. New Old Stock showcases an extensive collection of old vintage photographs:

10. Free Photos Bank features many different photos for free use:

There are additional websites offering free usage images, but the above ten are definitely the best sources that do not require registration.

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