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10 Feb 2018

Facebook to begin counting viewable-only impressions for Pages’ organic reach next week


Facebook originally said it would switch to only counting viewable impressions in November 2016, but the new system took longer than expected to build.

Brands and publishers have another reason to expect to see their Page posts’ organic reach decline, beyond last month’s News Feed algorithm change.

Next week, Facebook will finally start to count organic reach impressions only when a Page post actually appears on a person’s screen, the company announced on Friday. The new methodology for organic reach matches how Facebook already counts reach for ads.

“Since this is stricter reporting, some Pages may see lower reach figures than before,” Facebook said in a company blog post to be published on Friday.

Facebook had originally said in November 2016 that it would shift to viewable-only organic reach counts amid a series of measurement errors that it disclosed at the time. But more than a year later, it had yet to do so. In December, the company said that it had taken longer to build the new counting system than the company had expected and that the new methodology would be instituted in early 2018. And now it finally will be.

To help Page managers adjust to the new counts and evaluate the performance of new posts against that of older posts — and perhaps get a sense of what share of past impressions were non-viewable — Facebook will initially report two versions of Page posts’ organic reach: one using the old methodology and one using the new, viewable-only methodology. But eventually, Facebook will move to only reporting the viewable count.

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