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The Challenge of Digital Network Marketing

If you are a business owner and do not spend too much time on social networks, it can be challenging to figure out exactly where to focus your digital media marketing presence. It’s also a challenge to determine the best person to handle your company’s online presence or what that person’s job duties should be. We can help you with such challenges through our employee training program.

The Voice of Your Company

Social and Digital Media Managers are the voices of your company. Every business needs to develop their online presence in order to participate in today’s online consumer buying process. It is vital to hire the best qualified digital and social media managers and be able to track their progress.

Value and Benefit in Digital Marketing Training at Creative Marketing-Network Research Institute

CNRI digital marketing courses include over 350 live streaming professional tutorials in virtually all digital marketing specialties, including updates! For the practical side of training, every student at CNRI receives their own server space with cPanel account to implement their new skills!