Understanding education as the foundations for life thereafter


For those of us who are lucky enough to have access to education, it is not lost on (most of) us that it is a gift to have that access. Unfortunately, some people sometimes take that access for granted. During our time as students, we often are so busy amid the chaos that is education, that we sometimes forget the sheer privilege it is to even be able to learn at all. The reality is that education is a luxury that, shockingly enough, is still not afforded to all who want access to it.

So, for those that are lucky enough to have access to education, there must be a level of understanding and willingness to persevere, even if the road to graduation is sometimes rougher than anticipated. There is a lot to be gained from education, but there are three fundamental advantages that ultimately, are worth their weight in gold. When it comes to understanding education as the foundations for life thereafter, it all comes down to three key pillars of understanding and idealism in approach to learning and teaching.

Education broadens our academic horizons

From access to course materials and tools, to the occasional use of a professional essay writing service to help bridge those final gaps during an exceptionally busy semester, and everything in between, education helps to broaden one’s academic horizons. The whole point of education is, after all, to teach us about the world around us, social constructs, historical lessons, and the ways of life heading into the future. But that is not where it stops; in fact, that is just the beginning.

Education promotes intellectual and personal growth

One of the greatest gifts of education is its impact on one’s intellectual and personal growth. While different sides of the same coin, there is something fundamentally powerful about the impact that education has on allowing and encouraging one to grow, in every sense of the word. Education not only teaches the intellectual ways of the world, but challenges individuals to grow into their truest selves, even if it takes a little while to overcome the challenges that lay on the road ahead.

Education sets down the foundation for life skills…

…and a blooming career. When we are learning, we are evolving. And in education, there is the awareness and the knowledge that while we are learning through education, we are also preparing for the world after graduation. And when one reaches that pivotal moment in time, the next step is to make one’s first tentative steps into their chosen career field, or to take some steps towards working out which field they might want to build a career in. It all depends on the student, and while each student has a unique path all their own, one thing remains positively certain across the board: education sets down the foundation for life skills, and life, after graduation has come and gone. And that is a remarkably valuable gift.