How to Improve Your Company’s Digital Marketing Results


As digital marketing moves and expands further, consumers are now more widespread than ever before. Thanks to the growing popularity of smartphones – over 70% of American adults now own one and this number is growing every day – consumers now have the ability to be pretty much everywhere at once. And, there is a huge range of ways that consumers interact with brands online thanks to social media platforms, apps, websites and more.

For digital marketers, this means even more ways to engage one-to-one with consumers online. But, bear in mind that for every consumer there are even more brands trying to hook them with interesting and engaging content. So, read on for some of the best ways to stand out from the crowd by improving your digital marketing strategy.

Focus on Conversion:

One of the most important factors in a winning digital marketing strategy is data. Data and metrics need to be a big influence on every decision and action made by a marketing team. Today, this means digging into the data to understand the social platforms and websites where potential customers are spending their time and then targeting them with specific content. Advances in big data and machine learning have revealed the possibility to dig even deeper and impact conversion rates on an individual level. Working alongside a professional agency like ​The Guerrilla can be ideal for boosting conversion rates.

Work for Long-Term Value:

It may be tempting to focus on short-term wins, but marketers today should always place a bigger focus on ​long-term value when it comes to making any strategic decisions. Before investing resources into one-off campaigns for specific social media platforms, for example, it’s important to perform some due diligence and conduct research into ensuring the investment will pay off over the long-term. And, the same mindset should apply to any tools and solutions invested in for digital marketing, especially with technology changing at an exponential rate.

Boost Customer Service:

Marketers might wonder what customer service has to do with them, but actually, the answer is quite a lot. Every single interaction that customers have with your brand will impact their opinion and is therefore considered to be ‘customer service’. This is even more crucial to remember for digital companies who must repeat ​customer service tactics using a range of different channels and platforms. Ensuring each and every customer gets a positive, seamless, and integrated buying experience no matter which platform or channel is crucial when it comes to achieving success.

Know What to Return and Refine:

Talking about refining processes is easy, but it can be a little more difficult to put ideas into practice. It’s important to regularly revisit and track results as if a workflow or process isn’t working well, it’s time to go back and re-evaluate where things went wrong. Tracking, re-evaluating, and refining is also a great opportunity to test different campaigns and strategies to ensure that you’re always performing on top.

Constantly working to improve your company’s digital marketing strategies is crucial for getting the best results in today’s competitive market.

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