CNRI.EDU Memberships

  • 1 Day Trial
    The one day free trial is a good choice for individuals who wish to explore the "marketing waters". This trial includes access to the video tutorial library, research tools and marketing feeds. It does not offer access to the ebook library, guest post or creation of practicum webspace.
    1 Month Plan

    The monthly plan includes 31-day access to video tutorials, ebook libraries, one guest post, research tools and marketing feeds.  Does not include the practicum webspace. This plan is a great choice for self-marketing business owners or individuals who wish to learn all aspects of digital marketing. No auto-renew.

    6 Month Plan
    The six month plan allows access to all video tutorial sections, eBook libraries, marketing feeds, twenty article guest posts, research tools, practicum webspace with cPanel for six months. This plan is especially suited for individuals who wish to develop their digital marketing skills and to keep informed about current marketing data updates. No auto-renew.
    1 Year Membership
    This membership plan allows access to all eLibrary sections, 50 guest posts, SEO research tools and marketing feeds for one year including practicum webspace with cPanel. This plan is recommended to business entities, digital marketing developers or professional digital marketers to reserve their practicum webspace for continued development. Auto-renew invoice.