How do I share my certification on LinkedIn?2019-11-21T14:27:43-05:00

How Do I Add My Credential to LinkedIn?

If The LinkedIn Options are Hidden

If the options mentioned in the article below are hidden, you will need to sign in to your credential to use them. Use this article here to log into your credential and view hidden options: How Do I View Hidden Options?

Important Note: If after signing in the LinkedIn options are still not visible, this means your issuer has disabled them completely.

Two Ways of Adding Your Credential to LinkedIn

Share to LinkedIn

Create a post about your credential that will appear to you connections in your LinkedIn Newsfeed.

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  1. Click on the LinkedIn ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the credential window. If you are not already logged in to your LinkedIn account you will be prompted to do so.
  2. You will then be taken to LinkedIn’s site where you can choose to share as a post or as a private message.
  3. Write a message to accompany your certificate in your post or message and click Post/Send.

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You will then have a lovely big statement about your achievement that is visible to all your connections. Do bear in mind though that as time goes by this will drop through the newsfeed and become less visible.

Add to LinkedIn Profile

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  1. Click on ‘…’ option at the bottom of the credential window, then from the pop-up menu that appears, click ‘Add to LinkedIn Profile’
  2. A pop-up window will appear with all the relevant information you’ll need to copy and paste across to your LinkedIn profile.
  3. At the bottom of the pop-up that appears click on ‘Open LinkedIn’ to open the correct form that this information needs to be entered in to.
    Screenshot 2019-10-10 at 14.07.06
  4. Copy and paste the relevant information from the Accredible pop-up window to the LinkedIn form. (This used to be automatic. However LinkedIn stepped up its security and discontinued this automation, so it does need to be done manually. We know this is a hassle and we are working to resolve this)
  5. Once all the information has been copied across you can save and close the LinkedIn form.

Your credential will then appear on your LinkedIn profile for as long as you would like it to be there, and anyone that clicks on the link will be taken straight to your credential view where it can be verified.

Certificates or can also be shared to 100+ social media platforms, and it’s easy to add your achievement to LinkedIn.

How are certifications issued?2019-11-21T18:20:19-05:00

Creative Network Resource Institute has partnered with Accredible Certification. Your certificate will always remain view-able and accessible in secured digital format. Certificates or can also be shared to 100+ social media platforms!

What is the maximum time to complete my digital or social media course?2019-11-20T21:18:39-05:00

The maximum time to complete digital or social media certification programs is one year unless approved leave of absence.

What is the course refund policy?2019-11-20T21:16:55-05:00

With valid reason, the refund policy is 14 days. After 14 days, no refund will be issued due to completed tutor tuition payments.

How do students know when their credit submission is approved?2019-11-20T21:13:05-05:00

Students can review course credit approvals in their student account console. Automatic credits are available instantly in student accounts and manual credits are approved within 24-48 hours.

How do I apply to become a recommended tutor at cnri.edu?2019-11-20T21:12:23-05:00

CNRI certification students can apply to become a tutor at cnri.edu

How does grading or assessment credits work?2019-11-21T20:43:36-05:00

Credits for all media marketing certifications are based upon practical applications. Grade credits will be awarded for the following achievements:

Course Credits
Marketing Book Review Five credits
Video Tutorial Review Five credits
Write Strategic Marketing Plan Ten credits
Write Business Plan Ten credits
Create a YouTube Video Ten credits
Create a LinkedIn Account Five Credits
Create a Facebook Business Account Five Credits
Create a Twitter Marketing Account Five Credits
Create a Pinterest Marketing Account Five Credits
Develop a Blog or Business Web Page Ten Credits
Digital or Social Media Metrics Analysis Ten Credits
SEO/SEM Metrics Analysis Ten Credits
Student Guest Post Five Credits
One Hour Live Coaching with CNRI Instructor Five Credits


Required Certification Credits

The Digital Marketing Strategist Certification requires a minimum 40 credits.

The Digital Marketing Management Certification requires a minimum 60 credits.

The Social Media Strategist Certification requires a minimum 30 credits.

The Social Media Management requires a minimum 50 credits.

Digital Marketing Specialist Certification requires a minimum 40 credits.

The SEO/SEM Strategist Certification requires a minimum 40 credits.

I don’t have a website or a blog. How will I learn practical hands-on experience in marketing?2019-11-20T21:08:55-05:00

Practicum memberships receive a secure cPanel hosting account with unique sub-domain name preference. The cPanel hosting account give members the opportunity to develop their own website, blog or instantly install over 400 professional web based apps and scripts.

For example, the student may create their website or blog within a professional personal interest that they would like to develop their marketing skills. If the student, whom is a language teacher, has the opportunity to develop an educational blog in language training.

This student could then choose her own sub-domain such as languagetutor.cnri.edu and instantly install a CMS such as WordPress to create her own blog and integrate various marketing techniques that are most suitable to the student’s profession.

In another example, a student may just want to develop a personal biography or resume based website regarding their professional marketing skills.

CNRI offers full technical support of student web hosting, app and script development and technical marketing integrations.