Digital Marketing Strategist – Dip.DMS


Digital Marketing Strategist – Dip.DMS

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The Digital Marketing Strategist Diploma Program offers access to the Digital Media Tutorial eLibrary and optional premium tutor support.

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This diploma program requires submission of academic style book reviews, reviewing video tutorials and successful completion of Digital Marketing Strategist development projects.

The Digital Marketing Strategist program is also an excellent solution for businesses for training their own staff to design and maintain corporate brand digital and social media marketing skills.

In this program, students have their optional choice of CNRI.EDU tutor to assist them throughout the diploma program.

What You Will Learn

1: Learn the fundamentals of social media in sales, social media marketing, social media business functions and other pertinent marketing strategies for the professional.

2: Learn different social media sales functions, features and benefits to becoming a social media marketing professional.

3: Learn complex subjects such as search engine optimization, website key word searching and scraping, search engine functions and copyright, brand Protection and possible intellectual property concerns.

4: Learn why social media communications are critical to any business implementation and why this tool cannot be overlooked.

5: Learn how to address issues of integrated social media strategies in a professional sales management setting.

6: Learn the functions of communication solutions using email, blogs, chat, wikis, forums and other communications paradigms and possible copyright issues.

7: Learn  the benefits and risks of sales and social media communications to improve business operations both internally and externally.

8: Learn the most important issues why social media represents change in the sales development business model of even the smallest enterprise.

9: Learn how twitter, blog and producing video content and submissions cam maximize key word searching and search engine functions.

10:  Learn about the various issues behind social media for B2B, B2C, P2P.  Understand when and why different customer strategies are required for social media marketing.

11: Learn why blogging has become very important to the sales process to demonstrate depth of knowledge of the enterprise and why it is critical in today’s complex business marketplace.

12: Learn the functions and anatomy of Facebook.  Learn how the benefits of social media communications can be organized to develop improved communications with customers.

13: Learn the benefits of Twitter and how daily communications with customers and the world-at-large enhances reputation.

14: Learn how social media is important for regulatory compliance and professional reputation management including potential security threats.

15: Learn to develop a social media and sales strategy for a business setting.

16: Undertake problem-solving and decision-making skills.

17: Understand business models and their uses of social media.

18: Research business and consumer markets for developing social media marketing strategies.

19: Analyze social media metrics.

20: Understand SEO techniques.

21: Understand the uses of social media tools and concepts internal and external to the organization.

22: Develop a web/social media marketing strategy.

23: Create and market new wordpress blog (Blog supplied by CNRI.EDU)

24: Secure/Harden wordpress blog and social media accounts

Job Description

Digital marketing strategists are in charge of developing and complete marketing strategy projects according to the organization’s goals and values. Digital strategists take the lead in figuring out how to best use the internet to achieve their local or international growth objectives.

The digital marketing strategist will audit the client’s digital assets as well as those of their competitors.

The digital strategist works closely with other marketing and brand strategists to develop positive growth in web presence and online marketing strategy.

In addition, an advanced understanding of Internet regulations and standards is a plus. Technical abilities such as a mastery of SEO (search engine optimization) is necessary, as is the ability to establish or maintain online brand recognition for their company.

Digital Marketing Strategist Tasks

  • Develop and implement strategies for new media and digital marketing teams.
  • Report upon the impact of the strategy and make recommendations for further improvements.
  • Understand a client and their objectives.
  • Implement strategies efficiently and well organized manner.
  • Analyze existing digital assets from both a technical and non-technical standpoint.
  • Report on areas for improvement within the existing digital strategy strategies.
  • Analyze existing user experience data sets.
  • Identify opportunities for clients to use digital technology to enhance their overall marketing mix: product, price, place, or promotion.
  • Build effective teams, manage multiple projects, and supervise collaboration between departments in order to drive positive business growth.
  • Track growth and maintain analytics reports to provide up-to-date information to upper management.

Digital Media Strategist Salary