Master of Digital Marketing – M.DM


Master of Digital Marketing – M.DM

$3,400.00 $2,800.00

The Master of Digital Marketing Program offers access to the Social Media eLibrary, eBook Research Library and premium instructor support.



This diploma course requires submission of high quality academic research papers and successful completion of social media development projects. The Master of Digital Marketing Diploma (M.DM) is issued after successful completion of required assessment credits.

The Master of Digital Marketing Diploma will develop your digital marketing proficiency in all facets of digital marketing. As a digital marketing expert, you will be able to start a successful marketing company or implement complex marketing strategies for businesses.

In this program, students will have faculty instructor to assist them in developing a research thesis.

Admission Requirements:

To apply for the Master of Digital Marketing Diploma, prospective students must hold a recognized post graduate degree in marketing, business, commerce or communications.

CNRI.EDU graduate students who have already obtained the Social Media Manager or Social Media Strategist Diploma can also apply for the Masters program.

Creative Network-Marketing Research Institute will also consider applicants who have a significant marketing experience (5+ years).

Additional information

Assessment Credits

Digital Marketing Research Paper (3000 words) 20 credits
Digital Marketing Strategy Research Paper (5000 words) 30 credits
Company Based Digital Media Strategy 10 credits
Company Based Social Media Metrics Analysis 10 credits
Review Social or Digital Media Summit or Symposium 10 Credits
Approved Research Thesis (20,000 words) 100 Credits

Students are required minimum 200 assessment credits to receive the Master of Digital Media Diploma. Maximum Duration for Master of Digital Marketing Diploma is Two Years.