CNRI.EDU Scholarship Program

Creative Network-Marketing Research Institute is currently offering scholarship programs for the Social Media Manager Program.
In this scholarship program, students will learn the fundamentals of social media marketing, create their own social media presence and receive the Social Media Manager Diploma after successful program completion.
Outstanding students have the opportunity to receive CNRI instructor certification for mentoring future students at Creative Network-Marketing Research Institute and receive instructor fees.
This scholarship opportunity is for individuals whom are interested in becoming professional social media marketing specialists or consultants. Apply for your scholarship today!
Please upload your resume or C.V. along with a short introduction of your interests and goals in media marketing!
Scholarship Program FAQ

Am I eligible for scholarship?

If you are 18 years of age or older, and have the ambition to begin a career in marketing, you can apply for the scholarship.

Can my scholarship program be revoked?

Yes, if scholarship student does not maintain their student account grade activity by achieving minimum of 8 credit projects per month, scholarship can be revoked.

How do I submit my scholarship application, resume, and letter of recommendation?

Please submit your scholarship information via email to: registrar<at> using subject: "CNRI Scholarship Program".

How do I use my CNRI Diploma that was issued through Accredible?

Please review this video on tips for getting the most from your marketing course Diploma:

How do you decide the awards?

Awards are selected by the Scholarship Board of Directors from the pool of complete applicants who have been determined to be eligible. Primary focus is put on the essay portion of the application, which demonstrates the student's commitment to their marketing career. Academic strength, letter of recommendation, previous career background and other activities contribute to the board's determination of a student's commitment. A student's financial need and existing resources are also considered in determining final award.

How many scholarships are available?

For 2017, there will maximum seven scholarship programs awarded.

I am an international student. Am I eligible?

Yes, we accept scholarship applications from any country although applicants must speak English.

I was not eligible or wasn't selected to receive a Scholarship. Can I apply again?

CNRI.EDU will keep all scholarship applications on file for one year. Since CNRI.EDU only awards limited scholarship awards each month, other applications may be awarded in following months. For non-eligible applications, a letter of non-acceptance will be sent to application via email.

If I apply for the Scholarship, will you sell my information/market to me?

Never. Any information regarding applicants will not be shared with any third party for any reason. CNRI.EDU will only use your information to contact you regarding your application.

Is there any application deadline?

There is no application deadline, apply anytime throughout the year.

What is the maximum time to finish scholarship program?

The maximum time to finish scholarship program is one year.

What is the value of the scholarship?

Creative Network-Marketing Research Institute scholarship programs do not include financial assistance for living expenses. Scholarship programs offered at Creative Network-Marketing Research Institute are tuition free only.

Why do I have to submit one letter of recommendation?

CNRI.EDU scholarship program requires one letter of recommendation to establish your character. Your letter of recommendation should offer insight into why the writer feels you are deserving of this scholarship, including traits such as: what they know of you as a student, your drive toward your career and anything else they know of your character.