How do I choose the name for my included LMS domain?2020-09-12T23:57:12-04:00

During the order placement, there is a section to add your username:

The username will also be the name of the web space located on the cnri.edu server. For example, if the username is “mathcourse”, the web space name will be: mathcourse.cnri.edu

If the name is already taken, another name must be chosen. Please choose your username carefully!

What type of support do you offer?2020-09-05T13:18:42-04:00

Our hosting services include free technical support for any technical hosting issues. We do not offer free support for LMS design and development. LMS design support is available, contact us for a quote.

Are the LMS systems offered through your hosting free?2020-09-05T13:16:20-04:00

Yes, we only offer open-source LMS which are free for public use.

There are a few LMS open source systems that do offer specialized upgrades or enhanced support. Generally, these paid upgrades are not required to run a successful LMS but may be useful to some individuals.

Are there any LMS theme templates available for different designs?2020-09-05T13:14:46-04:00

If you are looking for an LMS that offers several theme plugins, we highly recommend using Moodle since they offer a huge library of free themes. Most LMS themes are ‘design’ limited unless you know coding.

Can I set up and fully manage my own LMS account?2020-09-05T13:12:44-04:00

Yes. You receive a cPanel account that gives you full control in deleting and modify e-mail addresses, personal backups, installing mysql databases, FTP accounts much more. You are in full control!

Do I get an email address associated with my new LMS website?2020-09-05T13:10:58-04:00

Yes. You have the ability to create your own custom email addresses associated to the domain name created for your website. The amount of email addresses that you receive depends on your hosting package subscription.

Do I need a database for my LMS?2020-09-05T13:09:45-04:00

Yes. When installing a LMS, there is no need to manually install a database, since the automatic installation of your LMS also includes automatic installation of the database.

Do you offer customization’s to existing LMS themes?2020-09-05T13:06:51-04:00

Yes, please contact us with your needs and we can offer a quote.

How do I update my LMS?2020-09-05T13:02:06-04:00

When a new LMS version is available, you can upgrade your existing version by using a tool in your cPanel account named Softaculous.

Please note that if you do not update your own LMS and there are important security updates, we will notify the client to update.

If update is not resolved by client in 72 hours, we will send client notification that we will do a server backup of LMS and update the client site. There is no fee for us to update clients LMS since we are focused in keeping ALL LMS code on the servers secure.

How do I automatically install my LMS?2020-09-05T12:54:48-04:00

Simply click on any of the LMS scripts to enter the LMS installer library.

Please also review this tutorial for installing your LMS using cPanel: Edu-Hosting cPanel Tutorial

I already have a LMS that needs updating, can you help?2020-09-05T12:16:39-04:00

Yes. we are happy to assist you in updating your hosted LMS with no cost involved.

I need support for my LMS installation. How do I access support?2020-09-05T12:14:21-04:00

If you are having difficulties installing your LMS, you need to log into your cnri.edu account to activate the support ticket system. The next step is to create a ticket describing your difficulties. We will evaluate and fix your technical problem in a timely manner.

Will my LMS be responsive to mobile smart phones and mini-pad / tablet computers?2020-09-05T11:59:39-04:00

We offer 14 different LMS installations and would be huge task to verify each of them using that vast array of ‘smart’ technologies. Most LMS systems acknowledge that they offer mobile/ipad compatibility.

Before installing your LMS, it is recommended to review the entire LMS features before making your final decision of LMS choice.

How can I add an activity in Moodle as a SCORM Package?2020-09-05T11:56:34-04:00

Please follow these directions from UNSW.

Are there any hidden costs?2020-09-05T11:49:03-04:00

No, the only cost is the hosting package fees listed on our website.

Please note that we are open to discuss any further LMS requirements that may have an additional fee with quote.

If the need to alter the price quote arises, we will communicate this to you before any extra work is started.

Changes and/or additions that are requested by the client may incur additional costs that must be first agreed with.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my LMS account?2020-09-05T11:47:57-04:00

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime. The new fee structure will resume at next month billing.

Are there any long term contracts? Can I cancel at anytime?2020-09-05T10:35:15-04:00

cPanel and storage fees are monthly. There are no long term hosting contracts and you are free to cancel at anytime. Please note that when cancellation occurs, the free client domain is also deleted. Please be sure to make any backups of your work.

I need to install a third party source LMS using wordpress. Is this possible?2020-09-05T11:04:07-04:00

Yes, you can install wordpress manually or you can use the cPanel one click installer to automatically create your wordpress site. We offer a generous 1 GB of memory to clients wordpress installations!

What payment options do you offer?2020-09-05T11:08:05-04:00

Paypal and Stripe for credit and debit cards.

What is cPanel?2020-10-01T23:16:07-04:00

cPanel is one of the most popular Linux-based control panels for web hosting accounts. It lets you conveniently manage all services in a single place. Currently, cPanel is the industry standard and most web developers are well acquainted with it.

Intuitive and easy to use, cPanel empowers you to manage a web hosting account with maximum efficiency. Whether that’s creating new FTP users and email addresses or monitoring resources and installing software.

Create and manage email addresses
Create and manage FTP user accounts
Manage DNS
View statistics
Manage FrontPage Extensions
Upload and manage file using a file manager
Manage MySQL Databases
Backup and restore site files and account data
Set up error pages
Set up directory password protection
Install SSL certificates, set up cron jobs, and other advanced tools

How long will it take to receive my LMS hosting account after payment?2020-09-05T11:32:17-04:00

Cpanel accounts are not automatic since we must manually install and secure the client’s domain. All account installations will be available within 1-24 hours.

Does my hosting account include 24/7 support?2020-09-05T11:34:47-04:00

Yes. In case of any technical issues, simply use our support ticket system to report any issue and we will do our best to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Support issues are normally resolved within 1-4 hours, or sooner.

Do you offer secure SSL certificates that can be used for e-commerce LMS?2020-09-05T11:35:30-04:00

Yes. We include FREE SSL certificate with your free domain that utilizes the latest encryption methods to ensure that your clients can purchase securely from your website knowing that the information they enter is secure and safe.

Can you provide both LMS design and storage services?2020-09-05T11:43:16-04:00

We only provide technical support for storage and cPanel services. If you require assistance in further development (LMS customization’s, data entry) with your LMS, please contact us for a quote.

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