The Challenge of Digital Network Marketing

If you are a business owner and do not spend too much time on social networks, it can be challenging to figure out exactly where to focus your digital media marketing presence. It’s also a challenge to determine the best person to handle your company’s online presence or what that person’s job duties should be. We can help you with such challenges through our membership programs.

The Voice of Your Company

Social and Digital Media Managers are the voices of your company. Every business needs to develop their online presence in order to participate in today’s online consumer buying process. It is vital to hire the best qualified digital and social media managers and be able to track their progress.

Practical Training in Digital Marketing

What differentiates CNRI from other digital marketing training institutions is that our members receive their own marketing practicum web space to develop their marketing skills. The six month practicum web space includes wordpress CMS installation on the web server with 24/7 technical support. One year members receive practicum webspace with cPanel with option to install any CMS or LMS.

What you’ll learn becoming a member at CNRI:

Learn the fundamentals of social media in sales, social media marketing, social media business functions and other pertinent marketing strategies for the professional.

Learn complex subjects such as search engine optimization, website key word searching, scraping, search engine functions and brand protection.

Learn why social media communications are critical to any business implementation and why this tool cannot be overlooked.

Learn how to address issues of integrated social media strategies in a professional sales management setting.

Learn the functions of communication solutions using email, blogs, chat, wikis, forums and other communications paradigms and possible copyright issues.

Learn the benefits and risks of sales and social media communications to improve business operations both internally and externally.

Learn the most important issues why social media represents change in the sales development business model of even the smallest enterprise.

Learn how twitter, blog and producing video content and submissions can maximize key word searching and search engine functions.

Learn about the various issues behind social media for B2B, B2C, P2P. Understand when and why different customer strategies are required for social media marketing.

Learn why blogging has become very important to the sales process to demonstrate depth of knowledge of the enterprise and why it is critical in today’s complex business marketplace.

Learn how the benefits of social media communications can be organized to develop improved communications with customers.

Learn the benefits of Twitter and how daily communications with customers and the world-at-large enhances reputation.

Learn how social media is important for regulatory compliance and professional reputation management including potential security threats.

Learn to develop a social media and sales strategy for a business setting.

Learn the functions and anatomy of Facebook.

Learn to provide web customer service.

Learn to use project management techniques.

Learn to design social media platforms including audience appropriate content.

Learn to monitor and engage in social media/web communities.

Learn to demonstrate knowledge of all major social media platforms.

Learn to develop and market new wordpress blog or business website.

Lean to secure/harden wordpress blog and social media accounts.

Learn to research current and emerging social media Industry trends.

Learn when to start outsourcing your work and how to find your first assistant.

Learn little-known industry secrets for growing your business.

Become a member at CNRI today to improve your digital and social media marketing skills!