The conclusive assessment results are scrutinized for any pupil irregularities and are exclusively approved by Prof. Bryan K. Marcia, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus.

Neuro-optic assessment results are usually approved within 24 hours. Upon completion, a partial neuro-optic assessment with an invoice will be sent to the client. The assessment fee must be received for the neuro-optic assessment results to be provided on the same day.

Approval and analysis results for eye images typically require less than 24 hours provided on the same day upon receipt of the fee.

Yes, STC (Suttong) utilized this software technology in a Korean government approved clinical studies held at AJU University Hospital for Certification in Korea.  (FDA Approved Medical Device Class 3 in Korea) Please review the full study here: Korean Hospital Study using Bexel Irina Iridological Analysis System

1. Credibility after Conducting the Test to the Number of 546 Patients(%)


The client fee for neuro-optic assessment is currently $80.00 USD.

To inquire about bulk discounts tailored for health clinics or professionals, kindly reach out to us for additional details.